• Our world is being reshaped by a confluence of trends that challenge a way of life that is no longer sustainable. Conscious of the urgent needs of the human family and eager to participate fully and intelligently in our humanizing mission, the Immaculate Heart Community engages in on-going educational program designed to lead to the following actions:

• To return to our souls. In her book Recovering a Sense of the Sacred (Toben, 2012) writes of her conversations with Thomas Berry. “There is an animating principle of soul that is invisible and hidden in every living thing. It is the soul that constitutes us as persons.” “The universe has soul in all its living dimensions”. “The psychic and the physical are two distinctive aspects of everything living - different, but not separable…. each brings a distinctive way of knowing, and the universe nourishes both.”

• To develop reasonable programs of action that will modify oppressive realities. Our Social Justice Programs are as follows: Commissions on Immigration, Environment and Justice for Women. Examples of such programs are Casa Esperanza, La Casa de Maria, the Center for Spiritual Renewal and the Kenmore Residence for the Elderly.

• To assist Member and ministries to effectively manifesting their thirst for social justice and liberation for the oppressed. Therefore, living the Beatitudes in daily work and life. Reduce solid waste, become energy and water efficient and minimize pollution contributions to the environment.

• To emphasize hope and constructive action as antidotes for despair and apathy and to stress justice, equality and dignity.

• Educate community, employees and customers in Green Practices and on the Interconnection of all things to each other. Expanding our belief system to include care of the Earth as a sacred spiritual path.

• We invite and support members, affiliates and partners to join us on our journey by implementing programs with a focus on sustainability.