The Immaculate Heart Community (IHC) believes that one of the great moral issues of our time is our continual destruction of the Earth. Global warming due to elevated CO2 emissions has triggered this destruction and resulted in poverty, violence, hatred and despair.

Guided by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Earth Charter, the Beatitudes and Laudato Si, we seek to elevate our understanding and reduce our contribution to this moral threat. We have been instituting sustainable practices in all of our holdings and focus La Casa de Maria as the core Educational Center for Environmental Design.

Environmental Justice is consistent with the IHC commitment to Social Justice. Our decrees share the same unity of purpose with other faith based and secular organizations in that we are not separate from or superior to, the natural world and that our mission is to live with reverence for all Creation, acutely aware of our Interdependency.

Adding the following words to our Goal Statement: “With reverence for all Creation” has particular meaning for our time as there is little doubt and rich evidence that her resources are diminishing, as are other life forms. We, openly declare our commitment to foster a renewed understanding and re-experience of our unity with the natural world.

Our Goal Statement now reads as follows:
“We, the members of the Immaculate Heart Community, rooted in Jesus Christ and united with the people of God, commit ourselves to build relations in society which foster access of all persons to truth, dignity, and full human development, and strategically change practices and situations which impede such access.
With reverence for all Creation, in our choice of work and living style, and in our use of time, talent, and money, we hold ourselves accountable to God and to one another for affecting this goal and supporting one another in this effort.”