Immaculate Heart Community Invites You To...


The Call 
God calls each of us in a variety of ways. Each is an invitation to listen and respond, to be open to, and aware of, God in our lives, our connections, and our prayers. This lifelong process of seeking to uncover God’s deepest desires for us, is called discernment.

Where is God leading me? What is the story of my life about? How can I be my truest self? Where do I experience my deepest joy?
What gives me life?
There are no perfect answers, only choices and freedom.

Freedom to feel excited and alive.

Freedom to respond to the heart.

Freedom to enjoy the depth of passion and fulfillment that comes from making and living your choices.

Discernment allows you to recognize the stirrings of the Holy in your life.


Have you ever asked yourself?

What are my gifts and talents?
What interests me?
What energizes me?
What are my hopes and dreams?
What is my personal experience of God?
How do I relate to God?
How do I feel God is attracting me?
Do I feel drawn to spend time with God in prayer?
Do I feel directed beyond myself? Does it lead me to true freedom?
Do I find myself opened to the world and to God?
Have other people seen this possibility in me?



The process of becoming a member of the Immaculate Heart Community is gradual, giving the person and the Community time and freedom to get to know each other. The very first stage is about getting to know the Community and its ministries to see if there is a fit.


Interested Person:

During this time, an individual has an opportunity to discern God’s call and to experience the life of the Community. As part of this process, the individual will join with members for gatherings, prayer and retreats. The individual will be encouraged to attend Community wide events and experience the diversity of the Community.
The length of this phase varies depending on the individual. At the completion of this phase, a individual may choose to move forward and apply for membership as a Candidate or the person may discover God is calling somewhere else.


The two years of Candidacy are a time of study, reflection, intentional involvement and service. As a Candidate, the individual increases one’s knowledge of spirituality and one’s own spiritual journey. The individual also acquires a greater understanding of the charism, mission, spirit, and history of our Community.
As a Candidate, the individual will participate in Community events and join a small prayer group in which to more deeply explore communal life. A member of the Community will accompany the Candidate during this stage as a mentor in order to answer questions, provide clarification and support the Candidate as she/he moves more deeply into the process of discernment toward formal commitment to the Community.
At the end of the second year of Candidacy, a Candidate may request to make a formal commitment to the Immaculate Heart Community.


Once an individual has made a formal commitment, the person enters fully into the life of the Immaculate Heart Community. The time of internship is a mutual exploration of the commitment made by the individual and the Community that received that commitment. During this time, the Intern continues to discern the decision made to become a member and the ways in which she/he may live out this commitment more fully as a member of the Immaculate Heart Community. At the end of this period, the member is welcomed to renew their commitment to the Community.



Life as a member of the Immaculate Heart Community is one of the ways we seek God. Through our communal commitment to simplicity of life, living in right relationship with each person and deep listening to the workings of the Spirit in our individual lives and the life of the Community, we dedicate ourselves to the sharing of our time, talent and money in a spirit of openness and inclusivity.
Our commitment is a free and intentional statement of our deepest personal values and the ways in which we live out those values through the course of our daily living. It is a public declaration made to God in the presence of our Community, family and friends.
Simplicity as it is lived and defined by each member acknowledges our need to live inter-dependently and with intention.
Right Relationship acknowledges that Love unites us and is the source of our ministry as both pilgrims and bridge builders.
Deep Listening allows us to be more available to hear the gentle urgings of the Spirit and respond to the needs of the world.
The members of the Immaculate Heart Community are risk takers, bridge builders, we are pilgrims on the journey, we are diverse, we are joyous, we are seekers and we are loving. We are just like you!

If you would like to learn more about becoming a member of the Immaculate Heart Community please contact Invitation Committee:


Immaculate Heart Community
5515 Franklin Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90028-5901
(323) 466-2157