We, the members of the Immaculate Heart Community, rooted in Jesus Christ and united with the people of God, commit ourselves to build relations in society which foster access of all persons to truth, dignity, and full human development, and to strategically change practices and situations which impede such access. With reverence for all creation, in our choice of work and living style, and in our use of time, talent, and money, we hold ourselves accountable to God and to one another for effecting this goal and supporting one another in this effort. With reverence for all creation…. is a new phrase in our Immaculate Heart Goal Statement.

IHMS Staff, 2010

Reflection on our Goal Statement

Francis of Assisi wrote the hymn, Canticle of Brother Sun, during the last year of his life. Legend has it that the beloved Saint Francis saw himself as united with all of God’s creation and as one with even the smallest creatures. During the last year of his life, Francis, nearly blind from an eye disease, in constant severe pain, and lying in a hut overrun with mice, wrote the joyous Canticle of Brother Sun, in which he calls all creation his mother, his brothers, and his sisters. He sees even death as part of the beautiful natural world that God created. Here are some of the words from St. Francis’s beautiful hymn, Canticle of Brother Sun.


All creatures, worship God most high! Sound every voice in earth and sky: Alleluia!
Sing, brother sun, in splendor bright; sing, sister moon and stars of night. Alleluia.

Sing, brother wind; with clouds and rain. You grow the gifts of fruit and grain. Alleluia!

Dear sister water, useful, clear. Make music for your God to hear. Alleluia!

Come, sister death, your song release when you enfold our breath in peace: Alleluia!

Since Christ our light has pierced your gloom, fair is the night that leads us home.

Alleluia! Alleluia!


As you read this message please join us in prayer that each of us do all that we can every day to show reverence for all creation.
Creator God, we join once again with your whole creation to sing your praises. Your earth is a gift, your creation is filled with your goodness and light. Give us joy in your earth, connect us with all that you have made and help us to show reverence in all that we do for your whole creation. Amen.