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The Immaculate Heart Community of California is pleased to announce the publication of its history, Take Heart: Growing as a Faith Community by Nan Deane Cano, IHM. Paulist Press 2016.

Take Heart: Growing as a Faith Community chronicles the pioneer years of the Immaculate Heart Sisters since 1848 as they worked in Spain and California post-Civil War, through railroad expansions and the massive development of Los Angeles. Their journey placed them in the position of embracing the pleas of Pope John XXIII to examine deeply their life in religious community and to discern their place in the modern world. Confronted by adamant strictures from Cardinal James McIntyre, this community ultimately embraced a new, non-canonical future as a lay community devoted to the marginalized of society, seeking social justice. Acting with conscience, the withdrawal of three hundred and fifty sisters from canonical status was the largest departure in the history of the Catholic Church. Our dramatic story has not ended.

For the first time, this study examines the forty- five years of community life after the momentous decision and offers insight into the life of a nonprofit lay Christian community blending former nuns, men, women, married and single, all pursuing the goal of social equity in our times.

The author, Nan Cano, IHM and a panel of speakers is available for book signings and interviews.  We look forward to scheduling time with you as we explore the dramatic effect of 350 women choosing to shape their own future as religious people. The decision to form this community in 1970 shook the Catholic Church in Los Angeles and around the world. The Immaculate Heart Community thrives today as a force for social justice for women, immigrants and refugees, and the environment. The foreword by Joan Chittister, OSB acclaims the work of this ecumenical community.

A unique feature of Take Heart is its incorporation of archived oral history so that the reader may actually listen to members of the past and present reflect on their devoted lives. The book is available through Paulist Press and Amazon listed at $22.95. Seller discounts will apply. Please contact Nan Cano, IHM for event scheduling at ncanoca@roadrunner.com