Commission for Women

For over 150 years, the transformation of society through the education of women and girls has been the mission and legacy of the Immaculate Heart Community (IHC).

The Commission for Women continues our legacy in its mission to elevate understanding of the global need to ensure the welfare of women and girls, and strategically change practices and situations that impede it. We seek to encourage women’s intellectual, emotional, and spiritual growth, as well as participation and leadership in secular, spiritual, and political communities.

We promote leadership of women in spiritual and secular life. Women's leadership in spiritual life brings special benefits, such as revealing patriarchal bias around teachings, imagining God more broadly, and being inclusive of the marginalized.

We support the role of women and reform in religious communities, with emphasis on the goals and activities of Roman Catholic Womenpriests (RCWP). . We seek to raise awareness of their story and the importance of women clergy of all religions. To this end, we provide panel discussions and other presentation formats upon request. To discuss how our presenters may be brought to your venue, please email Rod Stephens. For more information, please download our information sheet (PDF 934 KB).

We develop and present Feminist Spirituality and New Cosmology programs. These programs relate the origins of the Universe by integrating scientific, spiritual, and artistic disciplines. This emerging worldview counters the prevailing mechanistic models of modern science that stifle feminine qualities of caring, promoting conquest over compassion, exteriors over interiors, and subjugation of the vulnerable. To discuss how our presenters may be brought to your venue, please email Joanne Helfrich.

Our programs are developed in collaboration with, and in support of, our Commission for the Environment and Commission for Immigrants & Refugees. Where possible, we partner with other IHC ministries committed to women’s causes including the Corita Art Center and Findings Art Center.