Another year draws to a close

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This month's News Notes is filled with fantastic information and articles. The celebration of our 45th anniversary is here! This month we continue to add to the History section with an article written about the IHC residence in the LA Times from 1985. If you missed last month's article, OUR ROOTS, OUR HISTORY you can stilll read it in the History section in addition to a fascinating article, Excerpts from Talk to Community: Sister Anita Caspary, depicting the birth of the Immaculate Heart we know today. In the  Events section, check out the highlights of the latest News Notes and find out more about the new staff at IHC. Look a little further and you will see links to the Immaculate Heart Calendar where you can see current activities within the Community. If you missed an event that you would have liked to have attended, there might be photos or videos available to view! Got to the sections for Event Videos and Event Photos and see what is available. The most recent additions to the video section are the Lenten Retreat and the Pre-Assembly Workshop. Visitors looking for job opportunities with Immaculate Heart Community may also check out the latest job postings.


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